Weymouth Viewing Tower Approved

24 August 2011, 13:24 | Updated: 24 August 2011, 13:35

Plans for a new £3 million observation tower in Weymouth have been approved by the council.

The 53 metre high structure will be built as part of the Festival Pier redevelopment and it's hoped it will provide visitors with a view of the Olympic Sailing Events in 2012.

A statement from developers Merlin said: "This is obviously an attraction we believe both Weymouth residents, and visitors to the town will enjoy for many years to come.  This agreement also means that we can complete the project in time for the 2012 Olympics. An exciting new attraction at a time when Weymouth will not only welcome many thousands of new visitors for the events themselves, but also will be showcased to the world."

Craig Dunkerley, who will be responsible for the new tower attraction; said: "This is great news. We believe that the tower will be a must do attraction in Weymouth.  The 360 degrees panoramic views it will provide will be magnificent and leave lasting memories of Weymouth for everyone who visits. We are also confident that it will prove an economic catalyst, helping to keep people in the town longer, and benefitting many other businesses." 

Work on the tower is expected to begin in November.