Young People Putting Drivers Lives At Risk

16 September 2010, 12:31 | Updated: 16 September 2010, 12:52

There’s fears a serious accident could happen on the main A31 road between Hampshire and Dorset, because youngsters keep dropping stones and other objects onto the carriageway.

Local police working in partnership with Community First New Forest are becoming increasingly concerned about the behaviour of young people on the Ringwood to Poulner A31 footbridge. They’re now urging Mums and Dads to speak to their kids about the dangers of throwing things on to roads.

According to a survey commissioned by Autoglass, 89% of motorists affected by a missile throwing incident don’t report it.  Based on these figures Ringwood may have already experienced 100 incidents this year, each one a potential accident.

Stephanie Bell from Community First New Forest hopes that work will be carried out to make the footbridge safer however asks that anyone with any comments about the footbridge please contact her on: 01425 484719 or email:

 She said:“If local people have any concerns about the footbridge they must come forward as their opinions are important and can help make a difference”.


Sgt Ricky Gallagher from Ringwood Police says:

"The number of incidents to date is disturbing, at least one vehicle has been damaged and others have had to take evasive action. Young people may consider this to be harmless fun but it is potentially very dangerous and could result in the serious injury or fatality of a motorist.”

He advises parents to:

 “Speak to their children and tell them that this is not an appropriate place to loiter or congregate as even the mere presence of young people on the bridge is unsettling for drivers below”.  He adds, “Anyone found interfering with traffic on the A31 will be dealt with robustly and may be prosecuted”.

Anyone witnessing missile throwing from the bridge should call 999 at the time or 101 if you have information about similar incidents at this location and quote RMS 44100337811.