David Perry

10 things you didn’t know about David Perry:

1) David has been on the radio since he was 15 years old.

2) Other jobs to make up the money have included being a chef, pleating skirts and selling timeshare.

3) David holds a desire to live in Italy.

4) David is allergic to cats, his is called Scoop.

5) David joined the magic circle briefly at the age of 7 whilst planning to be a magician when he grew up.

6) David’s favourite show guests include Will Young and Charlene Spiteri from Texas.

7) David’s least favourite show guests include Marti Pellow from Wet Wet Wet and John Moss from Culture Club.

8) David supports Liverpool FC.

9) At the age of 33 David decided it was a good idea to get his ear pierced.

10) On the TV David likes Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsey (as well as the obvious things like Friends, The Simpsons and The Office), his favourite film is When Harry met Sally.