All about Rob

So you wanna know how I ended up here at Heart?

Well I took up tap dancing when I was 5 years old when my mum suggested it could make me famous (yeah, famous for being the laughing stock at school).

Realising I couldn't dance or sing and seeing as I had the face of a buffalo that had just been run over by a combine harvester, I soon gave up and it wasn't till I was 13 I realised the only way I could be famous was on the radio.

I went to college to do a BTEC in media studies, volunteered for hospital radio and also pretended to be a 'DJ' in my bedroom at home - I really need to stop with the bedroom thing now I'm a grown man.

The rest is history and I've been on the radio since 1994 - and I'm still waiting to be famous!

I now also run my own video production company called Studio 2 Media.

What's the worst job you've ever had? Shifting bags of compost at Wilko's

What's your favourite website? There are too many to mention but if I had to narrow it down they would be my own, my girlfriend's and of course  Also Facebook, Singtotheworld & Youtube.

What do you love about living in Christchurch? Just a short walk from a fantastic beach and The New Forest.

What do you loathe about living in Christchurch? Holidaymakers.

What's your favourite tipple? I'm really not too fussy (especially if someone else is buying) but I do love my red wine.

What was the first record you ever bought? The Birdie Song (hey come on, I was only 5 years old).

What would be your desert island disc? The Birdie Song - naturally.

Where is your favourite place in the world? Anywhere as long as it's with my girlfriend Nicky and daughter Evie.

What's your favourite mode of transport? Aeroplane

Name one thing you are really passionate about My daughter Evie (but also gadgets, curry and red wine).

If you weren't doing this you'd be; still shifting bags of compost at Wilko's