Help make Carnival a great day out

Luton International Carnival is a great day out for all ages but to make sure we all have a brilliant day out look out for the Carnival Code.

Maggie Appleton, Chief Executive of Luton Cultural Services Trust explains: “The Luton International Carnival, which attracts more than 100,000 people a year, has a reputation for being one of the safest carnivals in the country, which makes it an ideal event for all ages to enjoy. So in order to keep Luton town centre a safe and fun place for Carnival goers, Luton Borough Council, Luton Cultural Services Trust and UK Centre for Carnival Arts are reminding all those attending or taking part to respect each other, act responsibly and adhere to our Carnival Code which, with your help, will ensure that the event, remains safe and trouble free.”

Please be aware of the following Carnival Code:

  • Be respectful of other Carnival goers. This is a fun day out and disrespectful behaviour of any kind, including drunkenness and abuse will not be tolerated. CCTV cameras will be operating across the town assisting event organisers to deal with any incidents swiftly.
  • An Alcohol Free Zone is operated by the council in Luton town centre. The sale of alcohol on the streets is illegal as is drinking alcohol on the streets.
  • For anyone needing help police are available at the mobile police station near to the Moor on New Bedford Road or at the main police station is on Buxton Road. Police will also be patrolling the route.
  • Make sure you arrange meeting points and keep small children close. There are large crowds on Carnival day so make arrangements for a safe place to meet family and family in case you become separated. Carnival stewards will be on hand to help all around the town centre.
  • Please do not bring animals. As the event is very busy it is not suitable for dogs or other animals and we would advise that you leave them safely at home.
  • Keep Luton town centre green! Please don’t drop litter. With over 100,000 people there is a lot of clean up so please help us by doing your bit and where possible, please use the recycling bins provided.
  • Parking is available but please park responsibly. Normal parking restrictions do apply but you can find free car parking available at Pope’s Meadow. Other car parks open on the day are Bute Street (enter from Hitchin Road) and Vicarage Street. There is little parking available for oversize vehicles should use the car park at Popes Meadow.
  • Leave the car and come to Carnival by foot. Where possible we ask local residents to travel to carnival on foot, or by public transport. This helps congestion in the Town Centre as well as helping the environment!
  • We will make every effort to keep noise to an acceptable level. However if you have a noise issue please call the Noise Hotline on 07796 586585.
  • If you have any other issues to report please call the Event Reportline on 07960 838267.  

For more information ring 01582 878131, email or visit We hope you all have a fun day out!