£15k For Traffic Improvments In Luton

16 December 2011, 06:00

Luton Borough Council has been successful in their bid for funding to improve traffic in the town centre. The Department for transport has awarded them £15.85m towards the project costing £24m.

The remaining money will come from third party contributions.

The Luton Town Council Transport Scheme was one of 21 that were successful along with near by Croxley Rail Link in Watford.

In Luton the money will be spent on a new link road that will improve traffic on the north side of the town centre.

Councillor Roy Davis was the driving force behind the bid:

"We're really pleased that at last we've managed to get this scheme off the ground we've been waiting really 45 years to actually complete the ring road in the middle of the town and its been a long hard grind"

He says its going to be vital for future development of the town:

"It's going to make a huge difference to people who want to develop particularly in the town centre and towards the old Vauxhall site. At the moment they're stuck because they can't get traffic sorted out all this will clear that out of the way and we expect to see a lot more investment follow from other people"

 Councillor Davis hopes to get the started on the road works this time next year and expects it to be completed in 12 months.