Baggage Handler Jailed

30 October 2012, 08:47 | Updated: 30 October 2012, 08:53

A Luton Airport baggage handler who stole cash from a bag in a plane's hold has been jailed.

Mohibur Rahman, 45, from St Margaret's Avenue, Luton, was caught red-handed during a Bedfordshire Police sting operation organised with Menzies Aviation, the handling agents for Easyjet, Wizz Air and Blue Air.

Cash marked with a special substance was stowed in a bag that was placed in the hold of an Easyjet aircraft on Thursday 8 March 2012.  Checks later found the cash had been taken, and all the loaders were checked for signs of the substance used to mark the money.

Rahman was arrested in connection with the theft having shown signs of the substance on his hands and clothing.  Shortly afterwards, Rahman’s house was searched by police officers and other stolen items were recovered.

Rahman appeared before Luton Crown Court on Friday 26 October 2012, charged with theft and handling stolen goods. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three months imprisonment for theft. The charge of handling will remain on file.

Police Inspector Dave Ford, Head of the Local Policing Unit at London Luton Airport, said: “People who work at the airport hold a position of trust and are expected to respect the belongings of passengers.

"This man has clearly abused that trust and now he is paying the price. Bedfordshire Police will continue to work alongside the airport authorities to ensure the safety of passengers and their belongings remains paramount and anyone breaking the law will be dealt with swiftly.”

A Luton Airport spokesperson said: "The airlines, handling agents and Airport authority take a zero tolerance view of anyone abusing a position of trust.

"The sting operation led by Bedfordshire Police was a highly successful multi-agency collaboration and is just one of the ways in which London Luton Airport works to ensure a safe and secure environment for our passengers."