Barber Hits Back At Recession

24 May 2010, 06:23 | Updated: 24 May 2010, 06:25

Family man, Ben Martin was at a loss about how to keep his home and family going when his shop folder last year during the economic downturn.

He had what he calls a “eureka moment” in the pub talking to his friends when one of them jokingly suggested he convert a burger van and set up a mobile business.

Although Bens friends thought this was hilarious, he went away and put the idea into action. He now cuts hair from a van in the Barten Cutting lay-by heading toward Luton.

Mr Martin has been telling Heart about the type of customers that pop by:
"Lorry drivers, sales reps, people with mobility problems because they can park outside, so all sorts really, and I'm a lot cheaper than most people round here; the average cost of a haircut round here is about £12 and I'm from £6-£9.”
When his shift finishes, Ben then drives his mobile salon home.