Crime Down In Stevenage

12 April 2011, 15:25 | Updated: 12 April 2011, 15:31

Stevenage saw a dramatic reduction of more than 1,000 recorded incidents of anti social behaviour last year, compared to the year before.

Figures released at the end of the policing year (April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011) show there were 1,198 less incidents recorded by police compared to the same period the year before (April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010). That’s a 16.4 per cent decrease.

All crime in Stevenage has reduced by 273 offences – that’s 273 fewer victims for the year.

Police have also seen decreases in incidents of domestic violence, burglary, motor vehicle crime and assaults.

This includes:

  • Domestic violence incidents are reduced by 20.4 per cent with 133 less offences.
  • Motor vehicle crime (theft from vehicles or theft of vehicles) is down by 5.9 per cent – that’s 32 fewer offences.
  • Residential burglaries are down by 1.8 per cent with 5 less offences.
  • Violent crime is reduced by 12.1 per cent with 213 fewer offences and assaults (with less serious injury) are down by 20.4 per cent – 117 fewer offences.

Chief Inspector Richard Liversidge said: “The decreases come on top of sustained reductions in the previous year.

“The success is a tribute to the hard work of my teams and strong team working with a variety of partner agencies, not least Stevenage Borough Council, Herts Fire & Rescue Service and voluntary groups such Neighbourhood Watch and Pub Watch and the Town Centre Management Team.

“Working together with the community brings a stronger sense of pride and  responsibility to all who live and work in Stevenage.”

Richard added: “We have seen an increase in some crime types, such as thefts from person – which includes offences like purse dipping. It’s gone up by 6.2 per cent – an increase of nine incidents.

“Shoplifting has also increased by 6.1 per cent – an increase of 53 offences for the year but our Safer Neighbourhood Officers are working hard with local shops to robustly tackle offenders and we are liaising with business owners through Shop Watch to crack down on theft from businesses.

“We would also ask members of the public to keep alert while out and about – and keep valuables safely out of sight. Where possible, I would also encourage the community to tell us who is committing crime to prevent them targeting you or your families. Any information passed would always be treated in the strictest confidence.”

“For more for crime prevention advice, visit You can use the website to find out who your Safer Neighbourhood officers are and to get more information. You can also ring 0845 33 00 222.”