Deadline for school places

21 January 2010, 11:08 | Updated: 1 February 2010, 12:13

There's just one week left for parents in Hertfordshire needing to apply for reception, junior or middle school places for their child in September.

The majority of parents who have already applied have done so online.

Last year, 88% of parents and careers went online to complete the necessary forms. There you can also view the 'Under 11's' booklet which outlines the application process.

January 29th is the deadline, and this also applies to children in the last year of infant school which is paired with a linked junior school, and children in year 4 at first schools in Berkhamstead, Buntingford and Royston who are transferring to a middle school.

Last year 95.26% of children received one of their three ranked schools and satisfaction rates were even higher (98.8%) for applicants to junior and middle schools.

To fill out the application forms online go to

Alternatively, a paper version of the booklet can be obtained by calling the Customer Service Service at Hertfordshire County Council on 0300 123 4043