Disorder At Delaney Brown Memorial

5 October 2012, 16:27 | Updated: 5 October 2012, 16:38

Officers were pelted with rocks as they tried to break up disorder near a temporary memorial to a murdered teenager.

Bedfordshire Police were called to Vincent Road in Luton on Wednesday near where 19 year old Delaney Brown was killed when hit by a car. 

Residents had complained about the behaviour saying there were young people drinking and playing loud music. 

There were also reports of rowdiness and glass being smashed.

When officers arrived they were met by around 10 young men who were abusive and threatening. 

They were stopped and searched and one person was found to be in possession of illegal drugs and was arrested on suspicion of Possession with Intent to Supply.

When officers attempted to clear the area they were pelted with rocks and stones.  

The offenders then ran off but were detained in neighbouring roads. 

Eight youths were arrested for breaching the peace.

Chief Inspector Rob McCaffray said: 

“We have some local officers on the ground to provide reassurance for those people living in the area who we understand are extremely worried. We continue to work with the community and listen to their concerns and will respond to any anti-social behaviour that occurs in relation to this on-going incident.”