Family Devastated Over Puppy Shooting

23 February 2012, 06:00

A Hertfordshire family have said they have been left distraught after their 15 month old Bedlington Terrier was shot dead.

Gill Harrison, of Clay End in Walkern, had been walking her two dogs on Valentines Day when her puppy ran off. 

After shouting and whistling for the puppy she called her husband to get some help to search for him and whilst on the phone her husband Keith had another call come through. 

Answering that call he was told by a neighbour that he had shot their dog dead because he was worrying chickens, something which is actually legal for farmers to do. 

Mrs Harrison told Heart it's had a real impact on their family: 'It's been awful, absolutely heart breaking. 

'It's bad enough when you lose a dog through being ill but to cope with having your dog just shot so needlessly, he could have just thrown a stone at him and he would have run a mile.'

The Harrison's are urging people to be careful whilst out walking their dogs and asking farmers to think twice before firing to see if there is another way of scaring dogs off.