Freddie Krueger Mural

6 September 2010, 14:32 | Updated: 6 September 2010, 14:35

A couple from Luton have chosen an unusual way to brighten up their house.

They've had a massive mural of Freddie Krueger - from the Nightmare on Elm Street Films - spray-painted on the side.

A friend-of-a-friend - who's signed their name as Paintwasters - did the work on Putteridge Road for them.

The couple - who don't want to be named - say it took about two days to finish and the woman who lives there told us how her husband came up with the idea of who to paint:

"I think they were messing about with a few ideas, and that was just one that they decided, 'Yeah - everyone would know who Freddie is.'"

She says the wall used to be pink, but they painted it white so the house wouldn't stand out as much. Now Freddie's there she admits they've had a lot more attention, including from a group of boys who used it as a back-drop for a music video. 

And she says the feedback they've had has been positive so far: 

"I was a bit concerned about what people might say. But we've not had anybody complain about it or say anything - not that I've heard. So we've had quite a good reaction."

Heart spoke to some local people to get their reaction about the painting.

One lady, who didn't want to be named, said she didn't like the addition to the street, but Edward Coop - who's been staying with his son for the last couple of months - says he and his family think it's a great idea:

"Well it brightens up a not particularly bright area, doesn't it? It jazzes it up a bit. I think it's very, very nice. Buses slow down, even coaches I've noticed slow down and look at it when they go past."