Hallowe'en Diversion

31 October 2012, 11:24 | Updated: 31 October 2012, 11:52

Police in Hertfordshire are putting on video game sessions to keep entertained teenagers who have previously caused trouble on Hallowe'en.

It's hoped the events, going on in Welwyn Garden City in the evenings throughout the October half-term week, will cut anti-social behaviour and crime - something there's typically a lot of on Hallowe'en.

Herts Police say they received more calls on Hallowe'en last year than on any other night in 2011.

The Electronic Digital Gaming Experience (EDGE) was trialled in the Welwyn area last year, giving young people the chance to play on Playstations and other cutting edge gaming gear.  Because of its success, Herts Police have decided to make it a county-wide event.

Inspector Karen Potton from the Herts Police Children and Young People Team told Heart: "We basically sent out a message to all the areas in Hertfordshire saying let us know who are your top twenty kids who have caused you problems before.  It's also targeted at any kids in Hertfordshire who want to come along and join the fun."

Each session of EDGE can accommodate 200 teenagers.  The sessions are running between 5.30pm and 9.30pm between Monday 29 October and Saturday 3 November 2012.

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