Hammer Attack On Three People Linked

22 June 2011, 16:50

Three different people have been threatened with a hammer in road rage attacks in Dunstable on the same night.

A man had his foot clipped by a black Ford Fiesta with tinted windows which was being driven erratically at a quarter to eight last Friday night. (June 17) It happened in Union Street near Ashton School.

The car stopped, the driver got out and threatened the man with a hammer and then a second person got out, joining in. They got back in the car and drove over the man's foot before they left the scene.

At about 8.00pm the same evening a similarly described vehicle, referred to as a black Ford Focus with tinted windows was in High Street North by the new buildings on the old AC DELCO site.

The victim was driving behind the black car which kept braking suddenly or slowing down for no apparent reason. He tried to overtake and as he did so, the black car stopped and the driver got out making threats with a hammer.

In the early hours of Saturday 18 June at approximately 1.25am, police received a call saying that a man was being beaten up in the Matthew Street car-park at the rear of Bar Chameleon. He was hit on the rear of the head by a hammer before being kicked and stamped on. The offenders made off in a black Ford Fiesta. The victim needed hospital treatment, but was later released.

Two of the men at each incident were described as black or of mixed race appearance and a third offender was described as white. All were believed to be in their early 20s.

Dunstable police are appealing for witnesses and information.