Heart Looks Into The Issue Of GP Appointments

22 April 2014, 14:36

Hearts carried out a survey to find out how many people in Herts, Beds, MK & Northants find it hard to get a doctors appointment.

More than 250 of you filled out our questionnaire with 70% saying they had struggled to see their GP in the last year.

Last week the government announced they were investing £50 million in pilot schemes that would see some surgeries open 7 days a week for longer hours .

None of the surgeries in Beds, MK or Northants have been accepted onto the pilot- eleven in West Herts have been.

The Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group did offer extended opening hours of the winter to help cope with the added demand but this service has now stopped.

Dr Fran Ross from Beds CCG told Heart she hopes there is a way to make this a more permanent service in the future.

23% of you also admitted to going to A&E because you were unable to get an appointment with your GP.

Prime Minister David Cameron spoke to me about this issue last month admitting GP services need to be improved to stop this extra pressure being put on A&E staff. 

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