Hundreds Risk Lives Swimming In Quarry

27 June 2012, 06:00

Garside Sands that operate Grovebury Quarry in Leighton Buzzard have been telling Heart they have seen a huge increase in children trespassing.

Site manager Tom Wise said last month when the weather was nice there were more than 200 people risking their lives and using the quarry as a swimming pool.

He says children were using social networking sites to advertise the quarry as a beach because of the sand and deep water.

Photos and videos were then put in the internet showing people jumping in and using the speedboats that are there for the workers to cross the water.

Three people have already died this year in UK quarries and Tom is really worried:

"The big issue is its an uncontrolled body of water so if children or anyone was to enter it there are no lifeguards there are no trained people its not as if you are going to the beach or the swimming pool, you don't know what is in there below you"

The company is now spending around £3,000 a week on security to stop people trespassing.

They are also going round local school to tell children about the dangers- they hope this will stop children from entering the site particularly with the six week summer holidays starting soon.