Inspire Luton Sports Village

26 January 2012, 06:00

Heart have been to see how the construction is coming along of Luton's 26 million pound sports and leisure facilities.

Inspire Luton Sports Village is due to open in July, project leader Mark Turnstall says it will be ready on time

"We're 67 weeks into a 91 week program and currently just about on track, we've had our challenges but we're still on target to complete in July 2012"

Mark took Heart around the building site which will have state of the art facilities when completed



When finished there will be:

- 50m, eight lane pool with a world class diving facility and seating for 400 spectators

- 20m, five lane community pool with moveable floor

 - large sports hall capable of hosting a wide range of sports

 - 100 station, state of the art gym

 - dance studio, spinning room and multipurpose activity room

 - function room and café that's also available to park users

 - Car parking

 Councillor Hazel Simmons explains the name behind the Inspire Luton Sports Village:

"The whole point of Inspire is because this very venue is about inspiration its about inspiring people back into sport if they're not doing it already or giving inspiration to the swimmers and the sports people we've already got using it. It'll be an iconic building, its got a 50m pool and we feel it will be an inspiration to the town"