Man Jailed In Failed Drive By Shooting

9 September 2011, 06:00 | Updated: 9 September 2011, 17:01

A man from Luton has been jailed after a failed drive by shooting.

Omar Richards, 22, tried to murder 20-year-old Drizz Jones from the back of a car.

Mr Jones had just got out of a taxi and was following his girlfriend towards some shops.

The bullet missed Mr Jones but shattered the glass door of the Co-op store.

A cleaner who had been behind the door moved just seconds before the bullet penetrated the glass of the shop in Wigmore Lane, Luton in May last year.

Richards, who was living at Stronnell Close, Luton at the time told the jury he had fired the gun, but claimed he thought there were only blank bullets inside.

But the jury at Luton Crown Court rejected his account in which he claimed he was carrying out work for another man.