Men Die After Taking E

17 December 2012, 09:48 | Updated: 17 December 2012, 09:56

Two 21 year old men are understood to have died after taking ecstasy in Hertfordshire.

Hertfordshire Police say they died in separate incidents over the last three weeks, and "early indications suggest they may both have taken the drug MDMA, known as ecstasy."  Detectives are investigating.

One of the men lived in the Watford area and died on Thursday 29 November 2012.  The other lived in Aylesbury and died on Wednesday 12 December. It's believed that both took the drug in Hertfordshire.

Hertfordshire Assistant Chief Constable Jon Boutcher said: “Both deaths are subject to a coroner’s investigation and police inquiries are taking place.  Results from toxicology and other tests are still awaited, consequently causes of these tragic deaths have not been fully ascertained.
“However we do have indications that they both took the drug MDMA and Hertfordshire Constabulary would like to remind the public of the inherent risks in taking illegal drugs, in particular at this time of year when people are out celebrating before Christmas.
“Our thoughts and sympathies are with the families of these two young men at this very difficult time.”