Bus Lane Fines To Go To Hospice

28 January 2013, 06:00 | Updated: 28 January 2013, 12:31

Money that wasn't claimed back by drivers caught using Hemel Hempstead's Moor End Road bus lane is going to go to a Hertfordshire Hospice.

Hertfordshire County Council received almost a million pounds from fines given to drivers that used the restricted area.

Drivers campaigned against their fine claiming it was unclearly marked as a bus lane. The council were then ordered to refund the fines by a tribunal.

The latest figures show that only £770,000 was reclaimed.

Some drivers opted to give the money to the Hospice of St Frances based in Berkhamstead totalling £35,000.

Heart have looked at the figures provided by Hertfordshire County Council and have found nearly £180,000 has still been unaccounted for.

A statement from Hertfordshire County Council says: "It was decided at Cabinet that where there has been no response to the letter by 31 December 2012 then any sum outstanding up to a total sum of £100,000 will be paid to The Hospice of St Francis.

"It was also agreed that a further report will be brought to Cabinet at an appropriate time in respect of any unclaimed sum in excess of £100,000 with the intention that any such unclaimed sum will be paid to charity (to be decided at that time)."

This indicates that the Hospice of St Frances could be getting the maximum amount of £100,000 with the remanding £113,000 being divided between other local charities.

Dr Roz Taylor from the Hospice told Heart it's slightly strange to be benefiting from the fine.  She was one of the 33,474 motorists that received a penalty notice so she says she know how frustrating it was.

Whether they receive £35,000 or £100,000 she told Heart it will be well spent:

"We have a plan to open up our last two beds this spring so 35 thousand pounds will go towards some of the nursing salaries and 100 thousand pounds would completely cover the cost."