More Jobs to go at Vauxhall Plant in Luton

9 February 2010, 13:14 | Updated: 9 February 2010, 13:21

The Chief Executive of Vauxhall has today confirmed that 154 jobs are to go at the Vauxhall Plant in Luton.

They're in the sales and admin department.

It comes after 369 job cuts were announced towards the end of last year.

The news came this morning, as the CEO gave a presentation on his Plan for the Future of the company in Germany.

General Motors will cut more than 500 jobs for its UK operations in total, in a bid to reduce its capacity by around 20%.

Mr Reiliey said the business plan for Vauxhall is for the carmaker to break even by 2011 and be profitable by 2012 – but to do this 8.300 jobs will be lost across Europe, including 2,377 in Antwerp and 900 in Spain.

No jobs will be lost of the Ellesmere factory on Merseyside.

In the report it explains that van production at Luton will continue until 2013, while new business opportunities are under investigation.