MP for Luton South Suspended

23 March 2010, 12:38 | Updated: 23 March 2010, 16:06

The MP for Luton South has been suspended from the Labour Party in the fallout from the cash-for-influence row.

It's claimed Miss Moran was prepared to use her position in influence government policy in return for a fee.

Miss Moran, along with three former Cabinet members, is under investigation by Parliamentary authorities following revelations in a TV programme aired last night.

Heart has been speaking to people living in Luton South.

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Miss Moran has been absent from her duties for the past 10 months, stating she is on sick leave. It came after the expenses scandal broke, which showed that the MP claimed more than £22,000 of taxpayer’s money to repair dry rot at a house in Southampton, which she had designated as her second home.

Since then many of her constituents feel they have not be properly represented by their MP

But not all of her supporters have turned against her after the news broke, such as this woman:

"With me this is not good news, she was a good person. She just wanted to help, she didn’t have any segregation. She used to help anyone. When you know you are attacked like that, you won’t be ok, you won’t be happy. You keep on being sick because you are stressed. To say she has been sick for 10 months it is not new to me, I know it is true."

In a statement Esther Rantzan, the parliamentary candidate for Luton South, has been telling Heart:

"It is not enough for her to be suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party - she should have been suspended from parliament. Luton South has been without representation for a year and it is quite appalling after the fact she said she was unavailable for work which might improve the lives of her constituents."

Also caught out have been Stephen Byers, Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon.