National Specials Weekend in Herts

Could you help cut the number of road deaths and serious injuries on the county’s road?

Well that’s the aim of this year’s National Specials Weekend – where officers will be out across the county speaking to us what’s it’s like to be a Special Constable.

Special Chief Officer Peter Mould told Heart: “Volunteers play a very important role in our county, but very few are expected to exercise the considerable responsibilities entrusted to Special Constables.

“Each time they come on duty they face the same challenges and problems encountered by their regular police colleagues, but the extensive training provided by the Constabulary enables them to deal with whatever comes their way.

“They wear the same uniform, carry the same equipment and have exactly the same powers as regular police officers, and the public therefore rightly expect the same level of service from our Specials.”

Special Constables can opt to serve anywhere in the county, but usually prefer to work in their own communities where they can put their extensive local knowledge to good use.

Some specials prefer to work with Intervention teams (responding to 999 calls) whilst others are attracted to strengthening contacts with their local communities as part of a Safer Neighbourhood team.

Peter Mould added: “Hertfordshire Special Constables are recognised as one of the best performing teams in the UK; last year they were one of only a handful of Special Constabulary teams who performed more than 100,000 hours of duty.”


If you fancy learning more about what it’s like to be a Special Constable and how you can become one, there are various events taken place this weekend:


Saturday – An ANPR Operation at South Mimms

Sunday – A speed enforcement initiative in Shenley, Borhamwood


Saturday and Sunday – An operation will be carried out to catch people using mobile phones and not wearing seatbelts

St Albans

Saturday – ANPR operation in the High Street, London

Sunday – ANPR operation on the A1081 Luton Road in Harpenden


Saturday – ANPR control, together with mobile phone and seat belt campaign

Sunday – A speed enforcement control

Three Rivers

Saturday – The recruitment van will be at Tesco car park in Harefield Road in Rickmansworth from 9am-2pm


How to join

New recruits must be aged between 18 and 62 and be able to devote a minimum of 16 hours per month to their duties.

Although unpaid, all expenses are reimbursed.

For more information call 0800 358 3990 or apply online at hpp;?