Old Mobiles To Help Our Heroes

Drop-off points have been set up across Hemel Hempstead - to gather as many old mobile phones as possible.

Their being rounded up for the charity "Help for Heroes" - so they can be turned into cash - to pay for support for the Army in Afghanistan.
Hemel's MP Mike Penning was at a field hospital for injured soliders at Camp Bastion recently and upon his return, pledged to do more to help them.
Speaking to heart, Mr Penning said "it's fantastic for the troops to feel the people at home care.  Whether you're for the war or against the war - the fact is they ARE there, they are injured and they need our love shown to them back home".
The MP has launched the "Phones for our Troops" campaign - and wants any old or unwanted mobile phones to be dropped our at the collection points - when they'll be sold, and the money raised will go directly to "Help for Heroes".
Mr Penning added "All people have to do is put the phone in a box or in a padded envelope, write their name and address on it- and drop it off at one of the collection points.. even if it doesn't work - we still want it (although a note saying it doesn't work would help."
The drop off points are:
* Dacorum Borough Council, Civic Centre, Hemel Hempstead
* Mike Penning's Office, 6th Floor, Hamilton House, Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead
* Hemel Hemstead Gazette Offices, 39 Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead
Also in Kings Langley, at Special Occasions, 19 High Street
In Potten End, 9 Hempstead Lane
And in Little Gaddesdesn, 35 Ringshall.