Police Investigate Flat Fires

20 December 2011, 12:52 | Updated: 20 December 2011, 12:59

A police investigation's started after a series of fires were started on the third floor of a block of flats in Luton.

Fire crews were called out to the Startpoint Flats on Downs Road, Luton at 7.45pm on Monday 19 December 2011, and then again just over two hours later.

The two fires started in separate parts of the third floor, in empty flats.  In the first, two fires had started in two different bedrooms of a flat.  Two further fires started around 10pm in another part of the block's third floor.

In each case, more than six fire engines were sent to deal with the flames because they were in a high-rise development.  Fires in high-rise buildings generally have to be dealt with by many more firefighters than fires in low-rise developments.

Both Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service and Bedfordshire Police are carrying out investigations into how the fires started.