Police Raid Gone Wrong

24 February 2010, 05:55 | Updated: 24 February 2010, 08:21

A young Bedfordshire mum's been telling Heart about how her home was wrongly raided by drugs police.

The 23 year old says she was left 'in a state of shock' after officers searched the property in Westoning last week.

Heather Shears claims she and her baby were left without a front door for 8 hours - after officers smashed it in at six-thirty in the morning:

"I thought it was burglars. I thought 'What is going on', they are trying to get into my house and I've got my one year old daughter with me. It frightened the life out of me. They came running up the stairs shouting 'police, police' and I was like 'you've got the wrong people.

"I was stood there in a state of shock with my daughter and with no front door. I felt totally violated and humiliated."

The mum-of-one told HEART that she was left with no advice or support after officers searched her home:

"They didn’t give me any information in how to secure my house. As they were leaving, one of the officers turned around and clapped his hands and said 'right then lads, lets go get a bacon sandwich."

Bedfordshire police have declined an interview with HEART but in a statement say... "While we always regret inconvenience caused by our actions, we hope that the public will understand that in our efforts to make important arrests, sometimes things do not always go to plan."

They believe the person officers were looking for had moved out of the property nearly two years ago, and have offered to repair the door for free.