Say no to potholes

'We're saying snow to potholes' has been launched by Central Bedfordshire Council to encourage us to report dangerous potholes caused by the recent snow and ice.

Bedfordshire Highways is still continuing to repair dangerous potholes in and around central Bedfordshire, caused by the severe weather.

More recently, the 'freeze-thaw-cycle' has caused existing potholes to expand and in areas of weakness in the carriageway has resulted in new potholes.

Councillor David McVicar is Central Bedfordshire Council's Portfolio Holder for Safer and Stronger Communities:

"We are working hard to repair the most dangerous potholes first, classed as category ones, these are roughly as wide as a man's hand and as deep as his thumb! With any spell of exceptionally cold weather road surfaces will undoubtedly weaken so central Bedfordshire Council is therefore repairing the most dangerous potholes throughout the area as soon as we can."

If you have seen a pothole, you can report it by calling 0300 300 8049