Sentence Extended For Baby Beater

21 December 2012, 16:05 | Updated: 27 December 2012, 10:56

A Polish man from Hemel Hempstead jailed for beating a baby girl and breaking her legs has had his 10 year prison sentence extended.

Grzegorze Lis, 35, from The Maltings was jailed for beating an 8 week old baby girl.

His partner, 22 year old Joanna Skrodzka also jailed for turning a blind eye to what Lis was doing.

As well as breaking both her legs Lis caused the baby to become severely brain damaged, blind and deaf as a result of the beatings.

An appeal against Lis' sentence was made by his MP Mike Penning.

Mr Penning told Heart:

"The is a grown man that did this to this baby and I didn't think 10 years was enough especially as he would have done less than that. I'm not legally trained, I just look at it as a dad."

The Court of Appeal announced on Thursday 20 December 2012 that Mr Penning's appeal had been successful and Lis' sentence had been extended to 15 years.

Mike Penning said:

"Fifteen is a lot better than ten but for the for baby, who is now in care and being looked after, we can't replace the damage he has done to that child with fifteen or even thirty years."