Stevenage Recycling Success

It one month since Stevenage Borough Council launched it’s new recycling scheme, and it’s already collected an estimated 12.5 tonnes of plastic bottles.

During the same time, residents have managed to also recycle more than 24 tonnes of metal food and drinking cans, aluminium foil and foil trays.

Councillor John Gardner is the Executive Member for the Environment and Regeneration. He’s been telling Heart:

“Stevenage residents regularly tell us that they want to recycle more and we’ve been delighted with their involvement in the new scheme.

“While we had some initial difficulties in helping the residents understand the changes to recycling collections, we are now addressing these and we’re confident that the enthusiastic response will become even more widespread.

“I’d like to thank everyone in Stevenage who had made the effort to increase their recycling and help reduce the waste that goes from our town to landfill.”

In April, Stevenage Borough Council expanded its household recycling collections. Residents now have the opportunity to recycle plastic bottles, aluminium foil, garden waste, food waste, cardboard, paper, glass, and metal cans at the kerbside. All recycling is now collected on alternate weeks, at the same time as brown bins. The council hopes to expand the scheme even further and collect other types of plastic for recycling.

Later this year, Stevenage households will be receiving wheeled bins for their landfill waste. These will also be emptied on alternate weeks. Until then, the Council will continue to collect non recyclable household waste every week. Residents will receive more information in the autumn.