Students Win With Fiery Fajita Sub

1 February 2012, 10:50 | Updated: 1 February 2012, 14:57

Students at North Hertfordshire College have won a competition with Subway to have their design sold in stores. Their Fiery fajita sub beat 55 other entries in the region and will go on sale today.

The sub is made with wheat bread and contains: chicken, lettuce, peppers, jalapeños, cheese, light mayonnaise and hot chilli sauce.

The three girls who designed the sub, Nicola Chappell, Connie Willoughby and Jemma Barker have been telling Heart about the design:

"We did questionnaires around college to see what ingredients people liked and basically came up with a sub combining all the favourites"

Connie told Heart the team never expected to win.

Staff Heart Four counties wanted to give the new Fiery Fajita sub a taste: