Tips for coming up with your ad ideas

Luton Borough Council is encouraging people to swap their car for a different way of travelling to school.

And they need a great 30-second radio advert to help do this. Of course, every great radio advert starts with a great idea!

So get together with your classmates and friends and come up with an idea of your own.  The one we like the most will be turned into a real radio advert on Heart. 

Here are a few top tips to help get you started:

1) Think about who you’re talking to. This advert will be aimed at people who currently drive to school. So think about ways you could convince them to change their habits.

2) What are the benefits of swapping the car for other types of travel? Make a list to help get the ideas flowing.

3) Think about a theme or style. Do you want the advert to be funny or emotive? Will it rhyme, have a twist or maybe involve a character?

4) Have a brainstorm. Think of as many ideas as possible in a group and see what you can come up with together.

5) Have fun! There’s so such thing as a bad idea so let your imagination run wild, then send us the idea you like the most. 

Things to try and avoid:

1) We can’t use any well-known characters or famous songs.

2) Remember, the radio advert is only 30 seconds long (around 80 words) so we need the idea to be simple and easy to explain.

3) Don’t worry about the detail. Send us the outline of your idea. If yours is the one we like the most, we’ll do the rest!

girl at computer

OK, now send us your idea!