Campaign in Suffolk highlights drinking habits

19 June 2019, 08:26 | Updated: 19 June 2019, 08:34

People in Suffolk are being reminded that small changes to our drinking habits can make a big difference to our wellbeing.

Suffolk County Council have started a new campaign looking at our relationship with alcohol.

It includes four short films which have been produced to highlight different habits - one of which you can see above.

The videos follow the stories of characters ('Billy Binge', 'Tellybox Trish', 'Big Match Barry' and 'My Time Mandy'), speaking about when and where they drink alcohol. They cover different habits when it comes to alcohol consumption; weekend binge drinking, drinking at home, drinking as a reward, and excessive drinking to celebrate an event or occasion, such as a football match. 

The campaign offers guidance and advice about how much is too much, the benefits of reducing alcohol intake and the small changes people can make to their drinking habits, which can make a big difference to their mental and physical wellbeing.

Evidence suggests direct links between alcohol and heart and liver disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. Alcohol is also highly calorific, contributing to weight gain. It can also influence the quality of sleep and take its toll on physical appearance over time.

The campaign highlights that as well as the health benefits, reducing alcohol consumption can also bring social benefits, such as being able to spend more quality time with your loved ones, saving money for something more meaningful and losing weight.

Some of the small changes suggested by the campaign are: 

- Did you know that you drink more slowly when you're sitting than when you're standing? So, pull up a chair, take it easy and savour your drink.

- Rounds make it very easy to drink more than you planned. When it's your round, why not quietly buy yourself a soft drink or a lower-strength beer? You can substitute every second drink with water, non-alcoholic beer, coffee or a soft drink.

- A great way to avoid overdoing things is to drink with your main meal only. And keep that bottle off the table. Just pour one glass and put it away! 

Cllr James Reeder, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Prevention, said: "Cutting down on alcohol consumption, even if just a little, can make you feel better and give you more time to do the things you really enjoy.

"National guidelines recommend drinking no more than 14 units of alcohol a week - this is the equivalent of six pints of average strength beer. It is best to spread units evenly across three days or more, with several alcohol-free days each week.

"Cutting down doesn't have to mean missing out - whether you're out and about or relaxing at home, there are now so many good-tasting low or "no" alcohol products readily available - why not unwind with a coffee or a non-alcoholic beer instead? Visit for more ideas to help you cut down."