Disabled woman launches 'Scooter Girl' campaign

23 July 2018, 06:35 | Updated: 23 July 2018, 07:10

A disabled woman who was forced to move her mobility scooter from a wheelchair spot on a train to Norwich has told Heart there needs to be a better system in place for booking disabled spaces.

Tanyalee Davis, who has dwarfism, was made to move the vehicle so a woman could put her pram there.

When she refused, a guard announced over the tannoy, "The woman in the mobility scooter is causing problems."

"As a disabled person, you can spend hours trying to book via the phone - which you're getting charged for, it's not even a free call," said Tanyalee.

The comedian has suggested technology could be used to improve things.

"Something like an app - or something where we don't necessarily have to book in advance but it pings so then they know before the train arrives or before you actually get there - so they have a ramp ready," she suggested.

Tanyalee has previously had to stay on trains past her stop because there's been no ramp available.

She is now launching her 'Scooter Girl' campaign to make transport in the UK more accessible for people who have mobility issues.