Domestic abuse training for Norfolk hairdressers

11 February 2019, 08:10 | Updated: 11 February 2019, 08:13


More than 200 hairdressers and beauticians in Norfolk are getting training about domestic abuse tonight.

It's being provided by Norfolk County Council, as professionals in the hair and beauty industries are often disclosed personal information that their clients may feel uncomfortable discussing with friends or family.

The training event will teach attendees what to say if a client discloses domestic abuse or shows signs of physical or non-physical abuse.

Christen Williams, Domestic Abuse Change Coordinator at Norfolk County Council, said: "Visiting hairdressers or beauty therapists gives many people a unique opportunity to converse and open up with somebody outside their social circle.

"People in these positions have a role in supporting their clients with a range of issues, including domestic abuse. It is vital that they are supported in recognising signs of domestic abuse, and knowing how to approach it."

Cllr Margaret Dewsbury, Chair of the Communities Committee at Norfolk County Council, said: "Domestic Abuse is regrettably widespread across Norfolk, and it's so important that we take every opportunity to raise awareness of this subject."

In the United Kingdom, one in four women, and one in six men, experience domestic abuse. Two women are murdered each week, and three take their own lives.

The free domestic abuse training for hairdressers and beauty therapists takes place at Blackfriars Hall, St Andrews Hall, Norwich.