Each thankful for royal support

23 May 2018, 08:15 | Updated: 23 May 2018, 08:19


End-of-life care teams for children in Norfolk & Suffolk have thanked the Duchess of Cambridge for a touching letter she's written.

Kate wrote the message in her role as patron of East Anglia's Children's Hospices (Each) to mark Children's Hospice Week.

The duchess wrote: "This Children's Hospice Week, as patron of East Anglia's Children's Hospices, I am celebrating the remarkable and life-changing support provided by children's hospices and palliative care charities across the UK.

"They offer a lifeline to children and families facing the unimaginable.

"The theme of Children's Hospice Week this year is 'Life's Short' and I am touched that children and young people are sharing what they love most in life and reminding us of how precious time is for everyone.

"By supporting Children's Hospice Week we can help them spread joy and positivity across the UK, encouraging everyone to make the most of moments that matter.

"Spending quality time together is such an important aspect of family life and for me, as a mother, it is the simple family moments like playing outside together that I cherish.

"I hope you will join me in supporting Children's Hospice Week this year. Together we can champion the vital role that children's hospices play in helping seriously ill children and families to have more precious moments."

Kate took on the patronage of Each in 2012 and the letter is the latest in a series of messages she has released supporting the work of hospices.

Graham Butland, Each chief executive, said: "We're privileged to have the continued support of Her Royal Highness, who has done so much to raise awareness of not only Each, but children's hospices right across the country.

"This most recent show of support emphasises what an important role we play when time is short, helping families make the most of their precious time together and create memories that last forever.

"Children's Hospice Week is a really important time of year for us and we hope people will join the Duchess in championing the role of children's hospices in the UK."