Fake Cigarettes Sold At Car Boot Sales

Heart listeners are being warned of the dangers of counterfit cigarettes.

Visitors to Easter car boot sales are being urged by HM Revenue and Customs to be on the lookout for traders selling counterfeit and smuggled cigarettes, at what may appear to be 'bargin prices'.

Customs say the fake cigarettes fund organised crime and are a serious health risk. The ilegal trade can also have an impact on legitimate retailers and the local community.

Cliff Hatherway from Customs told HEART how to spot the fakes: "Car boot sales are a favourite, you'll quite often see people who don't have a stand to sell their goods from, they may be just walking around with a suitcase that they'll open up and show the tobacco, and actually hiding them up their sleeves sometimes."

Stuart Crookshank, the Assitant Director for Customs wants people to report the illegal trading.  He said: "We would encourage anyone who knows of someone selling cheap or duty free cigarettes and tobacco or alcohol to contact the Customs Hotline on 0800 59 5000."