Man Behind 'Puppetman-Gate' Speaks Out

29 July 2015, 16:13 | Updated: 29 July 2015, 18:32

A business owner in Great Yarmouth who caused outrage on social media for pouring water on a famous busker's stereo has apologised and bought him a new one.

'Puppetman' is a favourite in Norwich and Great Yarmouth - with many people seeing him as a local celebrity.

But local businessman Ben Mulhado got into an argument with the famous busker - and poured water on his speaker yesterday.

Many people were horrified with what happened, and a crowd funding page to replace the speaker was set up.

Norfolk Police also got involved, telling Heart “this matter was brought to our attention via social media. Local officers were subsequently made aware and are now investigating the incident.”

And now Ben's told us his side of the story - which you can listen to HERE.

But whatever Ben hoped for, Puppetman's fans are now more-loyal than ever.