Meet The Parliamentary Candidates For Norwich South

20 April 2015, 05:54

Heart's been speaking to the parliamentary candidates for the main parties in Norwich South, ahead of next month's general election.

It's our second constituency report in East Anglia, quizzing local candidates on local issues. Last week we heard from all the candidates for Waveney, which you can hear here.

Standing in May 7th's election for Norwich South are:

  • Lisa Townsend - Conservative Party

  • Simon Wright - Liberal Democrats

  • Clive Lewis – Labour 

  • Steve Emmens – UKIP

  • Lesley Grahame – Green Party

  • Cengiz Ceker – Independent 

  • David Peel – Class War

You can also see the candidates for all other constituencies in East Anglia here

We asked the Norwich South candidates from the Conservative, Lib Dem, Labour, UKIP and Green parties the following questions:

  1. There has been criticism to turn schools into academies, most notably recently the Hewett School. What will you do improve schools here?  Do academies work?

  2. How will you help young professionals find their way onto the property ladder here?

  3. There has been a lot of work recently in pushing for improvements on the Norwich to London line. Will you continue pushing for this?

  4. Thousands of students live in this constituency because it's the home to the University of East Anglia. What would you do about the amount they're paying in tuition fees?

  5. With the increasing number of Houses of Multiple Occupancies how will you tackle criticism this brings?

  6. How will you ensure people in Norwich South have access to GP surgeries when they need it?

Hear from all the candidates below:

Conservative Candidate Lisa Townsend:

Green Party Candidate Lesley Grahame:

Labour Candidate Clive Lewis:

Liberal Democrat Candidate Simon Wright:

UKIP Candidate Steve Emmens: