Lowestoft: 4-year-old Girl Wins Police Award For 999 Call

26 March 2015, 07:24

A courageous 4-year-old from Lowestoft has been recognised at a Suffolk Police award ceremony for dialling 999 after her mum collapsed.

Megan Stratton was given the Chief Constable's Certificate of Appreciation at a ceremony taking place at Police Headquarters in Martlesham Heath.
Megan was at home with her parents on 15 December last year, when her mum felt unwell and her dad left to fetch some medication.

Shortly after he had gone, Megan's mum Charlotte suffered a seizure and collapsed.

Despite her young age, Megan calmly dialled 999 and was able to give the call taker her address, and explained that her mother was unwell and her father was out.
Megan spoke with a force control room operator Alan Austin and explained to him that she was unable to reach the keys to open the door for medics to be able to get in.

She stayed with her mum, talking to her and reassuring her, even fetching a blanket for her mother, whilst continuing to talk to the operator.

Police and ambulance attended the address just as Megan's father returned, and were able to give immediate medical assistance to Megan's mum.

Temporary Chief Constable, Gareth Wilson, said: "Megan's call to police was truly exceptional to listen to - it is very rare to hear a child handle a call in such a calm manner.

"Megan gave a lot of information to Alan for a child of her age and our Chief Constable's Certificate of Appreciation goes some way toward recognising her and saying well done."


A number of officers were also recognised for their excellent work and service at the award ceremony, and presentations were made for long service as well as the Royal Humane Society Awards, Crown Court Commendations, Chief Constable's Commendations, Chief Constable's Certificate of Merit, Chief Constable's Certificates of Appreciation, and a Police & Crime Commissioner's Certificate of Appreciation.

PC Rebecca Gardiner and PC Paul Osmond both be received the Chief Constable's Commendation.

On 3 July 2012 Rebecca and Paul responded to a call requesting assistance at a road traffic collision where one car had left the scene.

Inquiries led the officers to an address in Newmarket where they found the driver who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, and a breath test confirmed this.  Whilst at the address, the man armed himself with a knife and started to self-harm by stabbing himself in the stomach.

Despite the officers' best efforts to get the man to stop, he then threatened and assaulted both officers with the knife.  After a continued struggle, the officers managed to handcuff the man before back-up arrived.  Rebecca and Paul showed tremendous courage and resilience to overcome the very violent offender and were presented with the Eastern Region Police Bravery Award last year.