Nofolk Man in Japan talks to Heart...

15 March 2011, 12:36 | Updated: 15 March 2011, 12:38

Dale Thomas from Attleborough has been in the country for around the last seven years working at a university.

Although he's miles away in Ossakka, he told Heart about how he felt the aftershocks:

"I was in my office on the fourth floor and the building started shaking. I looked around at my colleagues and we said 'was that an earthquake'?

"A lot of people's first reactions is to run outside, but because Japan's so heavily populated and lots of the buildings are so close together it can be the worst mistake you make."

Dale told us he tried to let his family back in attleborough know he was safe, but it was difficult because the phone lines were down and the internet patchy. But he managed to post on Facebook that he was ok.

Dale, who lives with his wife and children, says they're all being asked to do what they can: "The electricity companies are asking us to not use as much so they can divert it to the areas that need it."