Norfolk Friends Launch Man Stress

15 March 2018, 07:43 | Updated: 15 March 2018, 08:05

Mental health

Three friends from Norfolk who have all experienced mental health struggles have come together to help other men suffering in the same way.

They've launched Man Stress - a social media platform which allows men to write about their own personal issues and open up to others.

"That is a killer, that is what's killing people - men are told from a very young age not to talk openly," Richard Crisp told Heart.

"We're told to man up and therefore personal struggles are something that men really, really find difficult to discuss with anyone."

He told Heart sometimes solutions can be found through putting pen to paper.

"Start talking on our website because that will open you up to all sorts of opportunities to discuss things face to face with people, and that's really what you've got to do."

The website is