Norfolk officer welcomes trauma support service

12 February 2019, 08:09 | Updated: 12 February 2019, 08:16

Mental health

A new trauma support service for Norfolk and Suffolk police officers has been described as a lifesaver by a Detective Constable that's used it.

DC Steve Hunt was diagnosed with PTSD and clinical depression and experienced nightmares, insomnia and having a short temper.

"{People think} You've got the uniform on and it's like a shield," he told Heart.

"But it isn't. We're just normal people doing a really tough job and sometimes things get through, and you might not recognise it yourself.

"Being able to actually have a kind of mechanism in place where I know that I can go to someone in the police and say, 'I've got this problem', that they will automatically refer you - get you the help that you need - I think it's absolutely vital.

"It can be a real lifesaver."

The service will see officers have access to 24-7 support from a community response team.