Oh Deer! Deer Gets Stuck In Fencing Near Norwich

28 December 2018, 14:30 | Updated: 28 December 2018, 14:31

deer stuck

A deer in Horsham St Faith near Norwich has had to be rescued after getting his antlers stuck in some fencing on Christmas Day.

Someone spotted Santa's little helper in trouble and called the RSPCA.

It took rescuers 5 hours to free him!

Inspector Astillberry said: "The young, male, fallow deer had snapped the fence in three places and had the fence, and a fence pole, wrapped tightly around his neck and antlers.

"It was still connected to the fence posts at the edge of the field in two places and he was pulling on around 15 feet of fencing while trying desperately to free himself but just getting more and more tangled.

"We reduced the amount of loose fencing that the deer had to thrash around in so he was easier to approach and manage. Every time he came closer to the fence and his fencing went slack, we wrapped it around the fence posts of either side, gradually pulling him in and reducing his freedom. This was very difficult as he was constantly lurching all over the place and thrashing and jumping into the air trying to get free."

The animal welfare charity's rescuers were given a helping hand from a vet who sedated the deer to give them the chance to cut and untangled the fencing from around his antlers with a knife and wire cutters.

Inspector Astillberry added: "It was amazing how much he had got tangled and how tightly it was wrapped. Eventually, we were able to free him of the fencing completely and he staggered to his feet and made his way back into the woodland.

"It was hard, difficult, exhausting work but well worth every minute of our Christmas to see him free again at the end of our efforts."