Police Day Of Action In Bury St Edmunds

28 June 2018, 16:06 | Updated: 28 June 2018, 16:09


Three people were arrested and more than fifty vehicles were checked during a multi-agency day of action in the Bury St Edmunds area.

The operation took place yesterday, with the aim of disrupting the activities of criminals, including organised crime groups, who commit offences across county borders whilst using the road network.

Vehicles identified as being potentially involved in criminality were brought back to a check site at Rougham Hill Lorry Park, where police and partner agencies conducted checks of the vehicles and occupants.

The operation was carried-out by officers from the Scorpion Teams, Roads Policing & Firearms Operations Unit, Road Casualty Reduction Team, Dog Unit, Neighbourhood Response Teams and Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub.

58 vehicles were escorted back to the site, with just 13 leaving clear of any offences.

Three men were arrested and taken to Bury St Edmunds Police Investigation Centre for questioning, and subsequently released under investigation.

34 Traffic Offence Reports were issued and six vehicles were seized as a result of the no insurance and no driving licence offences; two vehicle defect rectification notices were issued; and three vehicles were reported for having no tax.

Drugs dogs searches resulted in 15 people being drug tested and 28 drivers were breathalysed for excess alcohol, all of which were negative.

The DVSA issued seven immediate prohibitions, taking those vehicles off the road straight away; 14 delayed prohibitions; and 33 advisory notices. The NAVCIS checked all plant and identified one stolen trailer.

The GLAA had 11 interactions with workers, two requiring follow-ups. HMRC officers dip-tested 27 fuel tanks with no offences found; and Trading Standards spoke with 11 traders, two of which require urgent follow-ups for illegal trading, and a further five were given advice regarding trading law.

Sergeant Julian Ditcham, of the Roads Policing and Firearms Operations Unit, said: "This was another excellent day of action and the fact that offences were found in connection with 45 of the 58 vehicles brought back to the check site, displays how important it is that we carry-out these operations.

"This work is intelligence led and vehicles that are believed to be involved in criminality, or committing other offences, are stopped and brought back to the check site where our officers - and those of our partners - can conduct their checks and take appropriate action, such as making arrests and seizing vehicles if necessary.

"We will continue to hold these operations on a regular basis, both to target any criminals who may be travelling through Suffolk, but also to remove unsafe vehicles and people driving illegally, making our roads and county as a whole safer for everyone.”