Police Officers Deliver A Baby On The Orwell Bridge

16 July 2014, 16:29 | Updated: 16 July 2014, 17:04

Two police officers have helped a mum give birth to a baby boy after being called to a broken down car on the Orwell Bridge.

PCs Jerry Cohen and Andy Masterson were working the night shift when they were called to a broken down car on the Orwell bridge in the early hours of 1 July.

At this point the officers saw a man running towards them asking for help.

They ran to the man's car to find his wife in labour in the front passenger seat, so they put on their protective gloves and helped deliver the baby while waiting for the ambulance. 

Within seconds of arriving at the car, Jerry and Andy helped Holly Mackie, 33, give birth to a baby boy, Rupert William Mackie. 

PC Andy Masterson said: "This was very much a case of being in the right place at the right time, we just happened to be on the Orwell Bridge dealing with a broken down car when we heard someone shouting. Andrew Mackie was coming towards us saying his wife had gone into labour and could we help?

 "Jerry and I are both fathers and have a fair degree of knowledge when it comes to labour but have never been quite so hands on. Rupert arrived very quickly and we wrapped him up in one of our emergency foil blankets which we always have with us, started the engine of the car and made sure he stayed warm until the ambulance arrived.”

Father Andrew Mackie said: "Holly was one week overdue when she started having labour pains, we took our two year old daughter, Rose, to her Grandparents in Capel and not long afterwards when I was driving towards the Orwell Bridge, Holly said the baby was coming. It was absolute sheer luck I could see blue lights flashing on the bridge – I didn’t care which emergency service it was I just knew I would have to ask for help!

"We would like to thank Andy and Jerry so much for their help; they really did go above and beyond both on the bridge and afterwards at the hospital. We are so grateful for what they did but also that they stayed so calm throughout"