Think Before Buying An Easter Bunny

16 April 2017, 06:00


A local animal rescue centre who take in abandoned bunnies from across Norfolk and Suffolk are urging people to think before committing to buy one this Easter.

Places like Pets At Home are refusing to sell them over this weekend. 

The rabbit welfare association warns around 60 thousand of the cuddly creatures get handed into rescue centres each year - and that's just those that are handed in responsibly.

Jo Stratton from PACT Animal Sanctuary in Hingham told Heart:

"If you are looking at an Easter bunny get a chocolate one or a stuffed toy. They are great pets but they are a big commitment. As parents you are the one taking on the responsibility."

"We can't push the parental responsibility, the insurance and the financial cost enough. They are not disposable commodities, they are living creatures and need to be treated with respect."