Norfolk Family Carers

26 September 2018, 11:38 | Updated: 26 September 2018, 11:57

Norfolk Family Carers has been providing specialist support to unpaid young carers in Norfolk for over 20 years.

The charity supports 280 children, some as young as five, who look after a family member with a physical disability, mental health condition, substance misuse problem or life-limiting or long-term health condition.

Norfolk Family Carers provides a range of activities that help children build skills and cope with their caring responsibilities, while also having fun. As well as activities for young adult carers, the charity offers vital advice to help them balance their education or employment with their caring role.

When we heard about Norfolk Family Carers we wanted to help because of children like Cody. He’s ten and cares for his mum who has bi-polar disorder, and his sister who is affected by a rare disease.

Since attending the charity’s summer clubs, Cody has learnt different ways of managing his emotions and dealing with stress. The charity also gave him the opportunity to meet other young people in similar situations, and benefit from one-to-one support during the summer – a time that can be very isolating for young carers.

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to support the charity’s respite and personal development scheme for Young (5-18) and Young Adult (16-24) Carers and their families. Not only does the project organise breaks away for young carers and their families, it also offers courses where young adult carers can focus on their personal development too.

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