Family Agree To Little Girl's Operation

The parents of a seriously ill little girl from Derby have given permission for a 10-hour operation to keep her alive.

15-month-old Harriet Gregory, from Spondon, suffers from an undiagnosed brain problem and is being kept alive by machines.

She has also developed a curve in her spine, which is crushing her lungs.

Dad Jason and mum Lesley were originally reluctant to let Harriet have the operation, fearing she could be stuck on a life-support machine.

However, they now feel Harriet soon won't be well enough to have a procedure to relieve pressure on her lungs.

Jason told Heart it was a very difficult decision to make:

"It's a very lengthy operation and we've been made aware of all the risks that are involved and as much as I don't want Harriet to have the operation I know that if she doesn't, I will basically have to watch her die and I'm not prepared to do that.

"All they've said to us is that it is risky and there are no guarantees, but it's something they're happy to do as long as we're aware of all the risks".

Jason and Lesley are trying to raise £20,000 to build a bedroom for Harriet, who is currently being kept alive by machines.

"We're trying to get the operation out of the way and look to have this room built.

"It would just be so good for Harriet, we could do so much in there.

"They've told us that Harriet's going to be on a life support machine for a good three weeks afterwards. If you've ever seen the size of one of these life support machines, they are massive.

 "If Harriet's got to have one then she will have to have one, so it's really important I try to raise this money quickly so I can get this room built."