Boris Johnson's handling of COVID-19 is going to become a TV series

1 July 2020, 15:23

All of lockdown's drama will be turned into a show
All of lockdown's drama will be turned into a show. Picture: Getty

The Prime Minster's control of the pandemic has been heavily criticised and full of drama, so much so that it's been deemed worthy of a TV series.

The coronavirus pandemic has already been a wild ride so far, from Dominic Cummings' trip to Durham to the PM's own battle with the disease.

It's been so full of drama that Boris Johnson's handling of the pandemic is actually set to make it to our TV screens, and not through the Downing Street briefings this time.

Johnson has been very busy the past few months
Johnson has been very busy the past few months. Picture: PA

A TV series is set to be created about the Government's handling of COVID-19 .

Of course, they won't be short of material and we're sure the series will be incredibly entertaining, but we can't wait to see who plays who.

We are all still mid-pandemic now, and seeing as some areas of the country are at high risk of a second wave we can't be sure when the virus will actually be eliminated from Britain, but there's definitely been enough controversy so far to create a series, wouldn't you say?

The episodes of the new TV show will be following the real life story of Johnson as he faced "the biggest national and personal crisis to face a Government leader since World War Two".

Starting with his appointment as Prime Minister, the story will recount the first Covid-19 cases in the UK, through to Mr Johnson’s health and the birth of his youngest child with finance Carrie Symonds.

The name of the show and its cast are yet to be announced, but we cannot wait to find out more details.

So far, we know that acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom will co-write and direct, while Tim Shipman, the political editor of The Sunday Times, will act as a consultant.

Global producer and distributor Fremantle has joined with Richard Brown from Passenger and Melissa Parmenter from Revolution Films, who will serve as executive producers.

Johnson last week
Johnson last week. Picture: PA

Andrea Scrosati of Fremantle, stated: "There are rare moments in history when leaders find their private lives uniquely connected to national events, where personal experience and official role collide in an unusual way.

"The last few months in the life of the UK Prime Minister clearly mark one of these moments.

"At Fremantle we are passionate about finding powerful and authentic stories and telling them with a fair and fact-based approach."